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ORDER BEES - 2016 season

Nucs are “nucleus colonies,” containing a mated queen, brood, and honey.
Nucleus colony will come in a cardboard box on 4 deep frames and feeder.
Nucs are the easiest way for beginners to establish a new hive.


Rules for Ordering and Pickup

- Refunds on bee orders will be charged a $60.00 cancellation fee on each nuc.

- We do not ship bees. Bees must be picked up at the MarElla Honey Bees location in Concord, CA.

- Orders must be made, and paid for, in advance of pick up dates, as we will sell out.

- Please know that weather condition can affect delivery dates.

- Nucs will be available starting the second week in April.

- The pick up dates for nucs will be arranged by MarElla Honey Bees, once the bees are fully ready.

- Nucs can be picked up in the evenings between 7:00 and 8:00 pm at the Concord location only.

PRICES (as of November 22,  2015): 

Nuc – $160.00 each ($150 each for 10 or more) if you order before February 28th, 2016

On February 29th, 2016 we are closed :-)

Nuc – $175.00 each ($165 each for 10 or more) if you order after March 1st, 2016

Due to the variability of bee supply, all prices subject to change without notice!
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